Part 3.: How to “break in” a new pipe

A series of posts with basic tips that come in handy when smoking a pipe: from initial preparation, filling, lightning, smoking, cleaning and more.

At the beginning each new briar pipe must be”break(ed) in” by continuous smoking, that it is specially treated in such way that, over time, a protective layer (most of carbon) is created inside the pipe chamber (bowl) of pipe. It is primarily a protection against the high temperatures released by burning tobacco, while also preventing moisture and condensate from accumulating and giving tobacco smoke a better aroma.

How do we create such a “shield” in the pipe?

It is recommended we first fill 1/4 of pipe chamber with the tobacco and smoke it to the end and then place it in the rack for at least one day (better two or three) to allow the pipe to “rest”. So we can repeat this process twice more (with only 1/4 filling). Then, the next time, fill the pipe up to 1/3 and repeat the process (smoke it all the way, place the pipe for a day or two in a rack). We also repeat this part twice more (with only 1/3 filling). Then fill the pipe to 2/3, smoke it to the end and rest (repeat this part twice more) and finally we can afford full filling and full smoking.

Instructions how to break in new pipe and the amount of filling.

It is important that:

  • Smoke the tobacco in the tobacco chamber (bowl) to the end (to prevent moisture and condensate from accumulating at the bottom, which can contribute to the bitter and unpleasant taste of smoked tobacco);
  • properly fill the tobacco into the pipe (not too hard or too light);
  • do not smoke the pipe too fast but gently and slowly;
  • putting the pipe to rest for at least one day after smoking (better by two or more), this is also one of the reasons why pipe smokers have more pipes in their collection.

More info about pipes and other products for their use you can get at: Mosir Smoking Pipes – Facebook & Instagram & Etsy.

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